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Prevention is the most important point to work on: periodic check ups and hygiene treatments are the first step to prevent possible problems or expensive treatments

Our mission

Alfadental is strongly connected to our culture, our land and the Sardinian language.

Alfadental based on the values of well-being, health and oral hygiene. We care for your smile, carrying out a detailed examination of the patient’s teeth.

Our mission is to inform people on the correct way of treating and maintaining their oral health.

What we do

All treatments have a 10 years “warranty” and come with free check ups over time.

All our cases are documented and follow ups are carried out during time. The treatment’s “before and after” is presented to the patient , both with photographs and xrays, in order to prove the effectiveness of the performed treatment.

Oral hygiene

It consists in the removal of plaque, tartar and stains from the teeth’s surface


Pedodontia prevents and treats odontostomatological pathologies in children from their birth to their adolescence

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with rebuilding teeth after they have suffered from caries or other diseases.


Orthodontics deals with correcting jaw malformations and malpositioned teeth, helping the patients restore their breathing, chewing and phonation functions and original aesthetics.


Prevention is the basis of modern dentistry: it is key to have a healthy oral cavity


Periodontology treats the teeth’s support tissues that can suffer from periodontitis, also known as pyorrhea.


Endodontics treats the tooth’s internal tissue and its diseases.

Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthesis deals with rebuilding or replacing severely compromised teeth.


All our treatments are of the highest quality. 

Our studio creates a connection with patients: the relation between the professionals and the patients is a very human bond. Product quality, materials, cleanliness and courtesy are very important.

Dr.ssa Alessandra Pinna


Dental hygienist

Igienista dentale

Silvia Piras

Dental assistant

Maura Portas

Dental assistant

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