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Alfadental has a human bond with patients: the dentist – patient relationship is very friendly, we love our culture, our land and the Sardinian language.

We use the finest materials: resins, ceramics and implants of the highest certified level. All cases are documented and followed up over time. We provide a photographic-radiographic “before and after” of the treatments, to demonstrate the perfection of the completed treatments.

All treatments have a 10 year “Warranty” and we provide free checkups over time.

Prevention is the most important point to work on: periodic checkups and oral hygiene are personalized. We utilize the most modern techniques and most up-to-date products for cleaning, sterilization an hygiene.

Medical Director: Dr. Alessandra Pinna, enrollment in the Dentists register of Cagliari No. 669.

Our staff

Carlo Porcedda

Dental hygienist

Maura Portas

Dental assistant


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