Implant Surgery

Implant surgery deals with replacing missing teeth (due to tooth loss or agenesis) with fake titanium roots called pillars that are integrated into the maxillary or mandibular bone.

Titanium is totally biocompatible and hypoallergenic and has been used for decades in prostheses like hip prostheses and orthopedic screws as a material of choice.
Teeth Implants are the best choice to restore and replace lost teeth, but they should be utilized only if the teeth cannot be treated and restored in any other way.
Inserting the implants is simple, fast and totally painless so it is also recommended for young (once the jaw has grown completely) and elderly patients.

In order to insert the implants, a careful clinical analysis is necessary, as well as the examination documentation including photographs, prints and CT scans.
By allowing us to evaluate bone structure, height, thickness and density, the CT scan in particular enables us to proceed treatment 100% safely.
A dental crown is cemented or screwed on the pillar and if necessary this process can be used on the whole dental arch, even if bone quantity, bone thickness and / or bone height are limited. Depending on the needs, the position and the final structure that has to be created, materials used to produce the crowns may vary.

Depending on the bone structure, if it is a front tooth (which does not chew) and if the load is distributed on several implants, crowns can be loaded on the implant immediately (IMMEDIATE LOAD).
Usually when implants are placed in areas that have an important masticatory load such as premolars and molars the implants can be loaded with crowns only 2 months after their placement. When the bone’s pre-implant residual structure area is insufficient in height, width or thickness, it is almost always possible to carry out the procedure by regenerating bone structure to prepare it for implant insertion.
Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with her 18 years experience, uses the best implants on the market (a result of more than 15 years of studies and research) and the most up-to-date methods in the Alfadental studio, to preserve bone and gum in time.

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