Conservative dentistry

Conservative Dentistry concerns tooth reconstruction after caries or other causes such as bruxism, excessive brushing and any traumas that may damage tooth structure.

The original tooth structure is reconstructed utilizing composite resins to restore the original aesthetics and functionality. The reconstruction can be carried out directly in the mouth (direct restoration), or, if the missing part is substantial it can be created in the laboratory and subsequently glued onto the tooth permanently (the inlays).

All tooth reconstruction treatments are painless and invisible once finished. Alfadental always uses the best equipment for treatments and reconstructions, the latest techniques and technologies.

Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with her 18 years of experience, oversees tooth reconstruction in the Alfadental studio.


Endodontics regards tooth internal tissues, its pathologies and treatments.

When the pulp, the soft tissue inside the tooth, is inflamed or infected due to a deep caries, in most cases, or a trauma that can be either severe and sudden or mild but repeated over time, Endodontic treatment or “devitalization” becomes a necessity.

The treatment consists in infected tissue removal and tooth reconstruction. Alfadental always uses the best equipment and the most up-to-date procedures which are completely painless in all phases. X-rays are carried out before and after to evaluate and demonstrate the perfection of the endodontics that has been completed.

Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with her 18 years of experience, deals with endodontic procedures in the Alfadental studio.

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