Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene, or scaling, is the removal of all plaque, tartar and stains from the teeth’s surface.
To remove deposits, various instruments are used, from ultrasounds to micro-sandblasting. In principle it is totally painless, but in case of special needs, such as very inflamed gums or important sensitivity due to uncovered areas, it can be performed under anesthesia. Plaque, tartar and stain deposits are responsible for mouth pathologies. Once deposited, tartar cannot be removed with “simple tooth cleaning at home” or home oral hygiene.
In the Alfadental studio, Dr. Carlo Porcedda is the hygienist who deals with professional oral hygiene

Dental prevention

Prevention is at the basis of modern dentistry: it is key for a healthy oral cavity.
At Alfadental we take prevention seriously. Oral hygiene and regular checkups help preserving previously completed dental treatments therefore reducing necessary procedures as well as their invasiveness. It has been demonstrated that the most common oral cavity pathologies, such as caries, periodontitis and halitosis, are caused by the bacteria contained in plaque and because of the build-up of tartar. The constant removal of plaque ensures the absence of caries and periodontitis.

We can divide dental prevention into 3 categories:

      • Primary prevention: is the prevention that aims at raising awareness and motivating people towards healthier habits and towards oral hygiene, removing dental problems in the bud. Measures are taken by teaching and motivating all patients towards oral hygiene.


      • Secondary prevention: is the prevention that deals with intervening in problems in their initial and reversible phase, such as identifying caries as white spots and gingivitises. Measures are taken via periodic checkups and professional oral hygiene scheduled by dentists, which reestablish the patient’s oral health.


      • Tertiary prevention: is the prevention that deals with blocking or slowing down a pathology in its established state. In the case of periodontitis, for example, the disease’s progression is blocked, subsequently allowing the patient to rehabilitate.

 In the Alfadental studio, Dr. Carlo Porcedda is responsible for prevention in all its aspects.

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