Hypnosis, sedation and anxiolysis

Compared to 30 years ago, with better anesthesia, less invasive treatments and more delicacy; dental care has significantly improved in comparison to what use to be the “dentist experience”.

Phobia and bad experiences, however, may still lead to concern and anxiety making treatments difficult to overcome, which is comprehensible.

Anxiety can be solved with hypnosis, without using any kind of drugs. Words are strength, energy. Emotions can also be helped via hypnosis and meditation, giving patients the necessary serenity to receive dental treatments.

Psychological assistance helps fight apprehension: however, sometimes it is not enough when dealing with longer and more invasive treatments or more significant phobias and anxieties. Alfadental offers a mild pharmacological conscious sedation as an additional treatment when performing dental care in order to manage these difficulties. This Protocol, designed for dental clinics, has been structured and studied in the University of Padova for many years.

For anxious patients, patients of a certain age, phobic patients, patients with a strong nausea reflex or for patients who simply do not want to endure the stress of a long procedure; mild conscious sedation is the treatment of choice. In the sedation protocol it is also possible to administer intravenous anti-inflammatory drugs which eliminate or limit swelling and bruising, normal consequences when dealing with invasive treatments
Alfadental has embraced this protocol to reach a new level of dentistry, with no pain and no post-surgical consequences.

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