Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry deals with the aestetic aspect of your smile.

The main treatments for your smile are zesthetic veneers in composite or ceramic and tooth whitening.
Alfadental gives a lot of importance to the aesthetics of your smile, carefully evaluating all the parameters: tooth color, size and tooth shape. Lip alignment , gum alignment, also taking into consideration phonetics and the dental arch positioning.
Each case is studied through professional photos and videos, study models and diagnostic wax-ups, showing the simulation of the final result before treatment.

Aesthetic Veneers

The aesthetic VENEERS correct imperfections also important given by small, broken, crooked or dark teeth. They guarantee excellent aesthetics and perfect functionality.
The aesthetic veneers allow you to improve your smile without having to consume, encapsulate or weaken the natural structure of the tooth.
They are the ideal solution in case of:
– Teeth with structural enamel alterations: in teeth with imperfect amelogenesis and fluorosis stains, dental veneers can be the treatment of choice to improve the appearance of the dental elements;
– Pigmented teeth: teeth with intrinsic pigmentation following trauma or devitalization or drugs such as tetracycline may require aesthetic treatment with ceramic veneers;
– Dental malpositions: the veneers are a valid alternative to orthodontics to correct dental alignment in patients who for various reasons would not tolerate orthodontic treatment;
– Teeth separated by diastema: in the presence of disproportionate spaces between the teeth, the gap can be filled with cementation of the facets;
– Teeth worn by bruxism and acid tooth erosion;
– Teeth resistant to whitening techniques;
– Alteration of the shape of the teeth: cone-shaped teeth and short teeth;
– Presence of extensive reconstructions
The veneers can be made of composite resin or ceramic: with both materials it is possible to obtain an important aesthetic result.
The veneers in composite resin can be built directly on the tooth until they reach the desired tooth shape and color or, based on precision impressions, they can be made in the laboratory and glued on the tooth surface. The composite resin should be cyclically polished (during normal tooth cleaning sessions) to maintain the original shine.
Ceramic is the material of choice for aesthetic facets thanks to its characteristics of hardness and light refraction practically identical to the natural tooth enamel: it is superior to composite resin and maintains its beauty over the years without polishing or finishing touches. The porcelain veneers are made in laboratories of the highest precision and applied permanently on the tooth.
In Alfadental, Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with 18 years of experience, uses the best method of making the veneers, combining the little invasive preparation of the tooth and the maximum technique of adhesion of the facet on the tooth itself to gingival stability and health, guaranteed by the preparation technique successfully used in the fixed prosthesis.


Bleaching is the most requested treatment in cosmetic dentistry: with professional products it gives a more white and natural look to the smile.

It allows you to renew and beautify your smile by eliminating the yellowing and pigmentation of your teeth bringing them back to a natural white. Bleaching has no side effects or contraindications: once performed, it maintains its intensity over the years.
All the aesthetic treatments are correlated by photographs of the situation before and after the treatments that are carried out, to attest the goodness of the treatments.
In Alfadental, Dr. Carlo Porcedda takes care of making patients’ smiles brighter.

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