Orthodontics is the treatment of malpositioned teeth and jaws, eliminating the damage that these alterations bring to the aesthetics of the face, breathing functions, chewing and phonation.

It corrects jaw growth, treats malocclusions and crooked teeth. Its goal is to achieve a perfect closure of the upper and lower arch, using specific devices, such as metal or ceramic teeth braces or with the use of invisible Invisalign masks.
Dental crowding greatly increases the risk of pathologies like caries and periodontitis, favoring plaque accumulation, making Orthodontics important not only for aesthetics, but also in medical terms. Diagnostically speaking, compared to a simple checkup, the specialist needs more in depth analyses to study an orthodontic care plan:

• dental photography from inside and outside the mouth to study the initial situation

• study models: created from impression plaster

• x-rays: the orthopantomography (panoramic x-ray) that allows us to evaluate general mouth health and to establish the presence of “agenesis” (congenital absence of adult teeth).

The latero-lateral Teleradiography is generally required in order to study the relation between the lower and upper jaw.
With the new orthodontic techniques, contrary to popular belief, it is also possible to obtain extraordinary results in adults.
Studying the individual case and its complete documentation, allows us to create a care plan of necessary procedures, materials needed, timing and costs before starting the therapy.

Alfadental successfully resolves orthodontic problems collaborating with Dott. Luca Pilia, an orthodontic specialist with 30 years experience and continual professional development in the orthodontic treatment of children and adults

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