Periodontology deals with the teeth’s supporting tissue preservation and care. This tissue can be affected by a periodontitis, better known as pyorrhea.

A periodontopathogenic bacteria attack can cause periodontitis (better known as pyorrhea). Periodontitis causes bone support loss which, if not promptly intercepted and treated, leads to tooth mobility and tooth loss. Saving the tooth is possible if the progression of the periodontitis is blocked.

To do so it is fundamental to completely remove all tartar deposits that over time have caused the bone loss and for the patient to fully cooperate with home hygiene. Alfadental specializes in periodontitis treatments: it utilizes the most up-to-date methods and tools to intercept and block the disease permanently, maintaining results over time.

With 18 years experience, in the Alfadental studio, Dr. Alessandra Pinna along with Dr. Carlo Porcedda, deal with intercepting the disease from suspected gingivitis in order to stop the periodontal disease

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