What is Pedodontia?

Pedodontia prevents and treats odontostomatologic pathologies in children from birth to adolescence.

Its goals are:
• milk teeth health treatment.
• tooth decay prevention via permanent molar sealing at their advent (around 6 years of age),
•interception of oral problems at an early stage.

It deals with recognizing and overseeing malocclusions over time, intervening in a simple, more effective and less invasive way if appropriate.

At what age should children have their first check up?

There is no minimum age, however it would be essential to visit the studio, even just for fun, before unpleasant situations arise. This means that the child does not mistakenly associate the studio with negative experiences.

At what age do teeth erupt and when do they change to permanent?

There are 20 primary teeth, the anterior or incissor teeth are 8 and generally appear between 6 and 10 monthsof age, the canines appear between 14 and 20 months, the first primary molars from 12 to 20 months, the second primary molars at 2 years of age Usually this is the case but it can obviouslyary from child to child.
The permanent teeth start to erupt around 6 years of age. First the anterior lower incissors and all 8 incissors are changed within 3 years years. At the age of 6 the four first permanent molars appear. The 10 and 12 years old primary teeth are replaced with permanent canines and premolars and also the second molar appears. As for wisdom teeth, they will appear from 18 to 24 years of age.

Why do we need to treat primary teeth?

Primary teeth, or deciduous teeth, are teeth that must be changed during our growth phase and are replaced by permanent adult teeth. The primary teeth are replaced by the permanent at a certain age. Caries on primary teeth increase the risk of tooth loss before its natural end and, when this happens, the neighboring teeth move, occupying the lost tooth’s space and creating misalignments.
When the age at which the tooth must naturally be replaced is reached, the definitive one does not find the space to erupt and could be blocked or grow in the wrong position. Alfadental has been involved in children care for years: it specializes in children care, trying to make the dental experience cheerful, positive and playful.
In the Alfadental studio, Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with her 18 years of experience, treats children’s teeth

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