Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthetics deals with severely compromised teeth restoration and teeth replacement, reestablishing tooth function and aesthetics.

The purpose of Prosthodontics is to functionally and aesthetically restore teeth that have lost large amounts of tissue or to replace one or more teeth lost as a consequence of caries, periodontitis or traumas.
With the innovative techniques used by Alfadental in prosthetic dentistry, the gum’s healthy appearance can be maintained over the years, without the formation of dark lines or gingival recession (which is often the case with other methods). The materials used vary depending on the tooth’s chewing function or its aesthetics if it is a front tooth.

Dr. Alessandra Pinna, with her 18 years of experience, takes care of dental prosthetics in the Alfadental studio, guaranteeing a new smile and an improved chewing function over time.

Prosthesis types

Prosthesis types are various, created after carefully evaluating dental arches from a clinical, photographic and radiological point of view, designed and studied in relation to each individual patient’s need.

Fixed implants
• -On natural teeth:
• -Single crown
• -Veneers
• -Dental bridges (A single multi tooth prosthesis is inserted in two or more roots connecting them)
• -On implants :
• -Single unit crown
• -Bridges
• -Complete dental arch

Mobile Prosthesis
• -Partial, utilizing existing teeth
• -Complete-arch
Semi-fixed prosthesis
-Overdenture, removable implant attached to 2 or 4 implants

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