Occlusal rehabilitations

Proper closure is essential for correct chewingand for the joint’s and muscle’s health.
Early tooth loss, the presence of parafunctions (such as window frames and bruxism), important dental malocclusions, incongruous dental restorations and the absence of teeth can cause pre-contacts, and / or undermine dental, joint and muscle health in the medium long term.
When a tooth is lost early, the neighboring teeth “tilt” to occupy the empty spaces and the opposite teeth in chewing extrude towards the antagonist arch.


Bruxism consumes the teeth of both dental arches up to exposing the inner part of the tooth, making it sensitive, and bringing it to the fracture. In this case it is not possible to deal with the reconstruction of a single tooth, as the space to bring it to the original shape is limited by the contact of the other teeth of the other arch.

In these cases the closure is no longer the natural closure, but it is possible to rehabilitate the occlusion by planning and studying the mouth with photos, models and x-rays. On the basis of this planning it is possible to rehabilitate the occlusion between the arches in a correct manner, creating ad hoc tooth-by-tooth reconstructions, which cement simultaneously and recreate the lost parts of the tooth without any sacrifice of the tooth itself, in some cases even with the help of orthodontics which allows the mouth to restore the natural spaces that will then be filled with prosthetic teeth of correct size (through implants or mobile solutions).

In the Alfadental studio, Dr. Alessandra Pinna with 18 years of experience and courses, rehabilitates the dental arches and the occlusion so as to allow an ideal closure.

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