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First check up and treatment plan

The first check up is essential to get to know each other, to establish a relationship of trust with our doctors and to understand what problems the patient has.
It is useful to evaluate problems and get a general idea about what specific check ups need to be carried out such as photographs, X-rays, CTs, microbiological examinations, polysomnography, allergy examinations, study imprints, and / or specialist checkups. All this in order to be able to carry out a complete, effective and direct care plan.
Alfadental carries out the first check up with: Dr. Alessandra Pinna, dentist, who assesses the need for necessary examinations and treatment interventions, Dr. Carlo Porcedda, hygienist, who assesses the need to improve oral health and carries out the first approach explaining the causes of oral problems and giving the first indications on how to maintain a healthy mouth, Dr. Luca Pilia, orthodontist, who assesses the need for correct teeth repositioning. With the help of magnifying glasses, mirror, probe and probe, obvious problems are evaluated and the problems reported by the patient are analyzed.
From the first Check up, any urgency is analyzed and efforts are made to resolve it as soon as possible. If necessary, a targeted X-ray check is performed. In some cases action is taken immediately.
The treatment plan is structured in order to bring the mouth back to a state of complete health.
In the Alfadental study, Dr. Pinna, after having taken information such as x-rays, photographs, having cleaned the mouth from tartar and bacteria, using study models and consulting with various specialists (more or less necessary), evaluates the patient’s needs and objectives in order to establish the priorities and the various interventions needeed.
The information that is gathered in the first check up is the tool for the preparation of a complete and clear care plan, which allows us to have a treatment plan and to guarantee its success. We go beyond simple emergency management.


Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene consists in the removal of plaque, tartar and stains from the teeth’s surface

Conservative dentistry

Conservative Dentistry concerns tooth reconstruction after caries or other causes such as bruxism, excessive brushing and any traumas that may damage tooth structure.


Endodontics regards tooth internal tissues, its pathologies and treatments.

Pedodontia (children's dentistry)

Pedodontia prevents and treats odontostomatologic pathologies in children from birth to adolescence.

Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthetics deals with severely compromised teeth restoration and teeth replacement, reestablishing tooth function and aesthetics.

Occlusal rehabilitations and bruxism treatments

Proper closure is essential for chewing, joint and muscle well-being. Early teeth loss and
parafunctions (such as clenching and bruxism), dental malocclusions, unsuitable dental restorations and missing teeth can cause contact between teeth and could undermine the teeth’s and muscles’ health.

Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry deals with the smile’s appearance. Aesthetic veneers in composite or ceramic and whitening are the main treatments for embellishing your smile.

Hypnosis, sedation and anxiety

Dental care has moved forward compared to 30 years ago, with better anesthesia and less invasive and more delicate treatments with hypnosis, without the use of any type of drug and with slight pharmacological conscious sedations.


Prevention is at the basis of modern dentistry: it is key for a healthy oral cavity. At Alfadental we take prevention seriously.


Periodontology deals with the teeth’s supporting tissue preservation and care. This tissue can be affected by a periodontitis, better known as pyorrhea.

Oral surgery

In oral surgery we deal with teeth and tissue removal due to inflammation, infections or oncological pathologies. Alfadental deals with avulsions, gerectomies frenulectomies, apicectomie/surgical endodontics, the removal of benign, malignant, dental and non-dental neoplasias, cyst removal and sialolithiasis.


Orthodontics is the treatment of malpositioned teeth and jaws, eliminating the damage that these alterations bring to the aesthetics of the face, breathing functions, chewing and phonation.

Implant Surgery

Implant surgery deals with replacing missing teeth (due to tooth loss or agenesis) with fake titanium roots called pillars that are integrated into the maxillary or mandibular bone.

Mucogingival surgery

Mucogingival surgery treats gums and frenula, the mouth’s soft tissues.
Gums sometimes require mucogingival surgery when they are in the wrong position. Titanium is a totally biocompatible and hypoallergenic material.

Snoring and apneas

Snoring is a common condition: very often it could be a potential red flag for problems that should be intercepted and treated in order to sleep properly and avoid daytime sleepiness, cardio-circulatory and respiratory deficits. Snoring is the result of semi or fully blocked nasal passages, causing us to have to breathe through our mouth. This insufficiency can cause “apneas”, moments in which an individual stops breathing even for a few seconds.

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